A belated update

It has been so long since my last post it’s hard to know how to commence, any sense of “rhythm” has evaporated. When I moved into my shop space almost two years ago… Continue reading

A New Space. A New Era.

It’s always a little nerve racking to step into the unknown. Simultaneously, by nature, I’m on the conservative side when it comes to making significant financial decisions, and as a consequence, I had… Continue reading

Moving On

Since taking ownership of the stepnose, I’ve been working on it under a 10 x 20 Costco nylon canopy that my neighbor ever-so-kindly allows me to put on his property. The canopy is… Continue reading


When I first started this blog, my vision (if it even can be described as such) was that I would post every 1-2 weeks, or so. There was no magic to this particular… Continue reading

The Four Most Dangerous Words

There are probably few phrases that can impact a car restoration project more, in time or budget, than “while you’re in there…” This is a famous line in the automotive world, and it’s… Continue reading

Odds and Ends

The past few weekends have been a bit scattered work-wise, but productive nonetheless. For almost two weeks I struggled to be able to do any real “mechanical” work on the Alfa as a… Continue reading

Sweat, Blood, and Tears

Sweat. Blood. And tears. Yes, I’m well aware that this is not the traditional order of these words. However, this weekend, they reflected the timeline my trials and tribulations. My goal for the  weekend… Continue reading

Accepting the Bad with the Good

I can’t even quite recall how the sequence of events has transpired, it now has been spread over a period of months and I’ve flip-flopped numerous times (as I may well continue to)… Continue reading

The entrepreneurial spirit is alive

As I sit down to write these words, I am fully aware that, in the world of the car geek, I am a very lucky man. Over the past couple of months I… Continue reading

Junk in the trunk, Part Two

Just a minor bit of progress in the last few days. As I mentioned briefly in the prior post, while I had roughly completed the re-shaping of the floor as a whole, I… Continue reading

Junk in the Trunk

Not dissimilar to other parts of my car, the trunk/boot was in desperate need of attention. I’m remiss for not taking photos of it in all it’s prior glory, but you will have… Continue reading

LeMons Bonanza

As can be deduced from the fact that I’ve not touched this blog in a couple of months, progress on the old Alfa has been very slow and very sporadic. During this period,… Continue reading

A Time to Sew

About two years ago, not satisfied with the fit and finish of two prior carpet kits I’d purchased for my BMW 2002, I decided to try my hand at making my own. The… Continue reading

Details, details

I recently had the pleasure of viewing a private collection of cars, about a 50-50 split between American and European. On the American side there were a number of Shelby’s, a beautiful split… Continue reading

Dash Refurb, Part Two

When I last left off, some of the few remaining interior parts were being unceremoniously pulled from my dust-laden Giulia Sprint. Heater box: out. Dash and glove box: out. Wiring: still there, and… Continue reading

Dash refurb, part one of many

This past weekend I finally found some time to get back to the old Alfa. Something I’m beginning to learn is that sometimes I need a couple of relatively small, relatively easy, wins… Continue reading

Carb rebuild, part deux

Since my last post life has been on the hectic side, with sporadic brief surges on the Alfa, but not as much sustained attention as I’d like. Nonetheless, I have completed my first… Continue reading

Carbs on a diet

I’m afraid to say the past couple of weeks haven’t brought obviously huge gains to the Alfa. Each weekend I continue to chip away, a few hours at a time, but to the… Continue reading

A Family Heirloom

A much unexpected treasure trove founds its way to me this Christmas, and while I’m delighted to have it, honestly I’d prefer that it never had reason to make its way to me.… Continue reading

Time to Weld

I must have been a very good boy in 2013, as Santa brought me exactly what I wanted for Christmas: a MIG welder. Coincidentally, it’s precisely the same one that my research turned… Continue reading

What’s in a Door Handle?

My Giulia Sprint proudly sports no door handles at all, just large gaping holes in each door, the result of the previous owner taking them off for some reason shortly before my buying… Continue reading

A River Runs Though It

The weather is beating me down today, my friends. After weeks and months of waffling, I finally picked a couple of weeks to take off of work, with my primary goal being to… Continue reading

Trailing Arm Bushing Refurb

I’m in the midst of sprucing up suspension components both front and rear. Part of doing this has involved removing the rear trailing arms, cleaning them up and replacing the worn bushings with… Continue reading

Skill Envy

Have you ever felt underwhelmed by your own skills? I have. About eight years ago I was having a nightmare of a time with the Weber 38/38 downdraft on my 2002; it would… Continue reading

Six Degrees of Separation

There is a theory, apparently originally put forth by Frigyes Karinthy, known as the “Six Degrees of Separation” which, in essence, suggests that any individual on earth can be linked to any other… Continue reading